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Quality Assurance

High standards

The team of professionals represents various fields of knowledge like medicinal and phyto chemistry, botany, pharmacology and traditional chemistry are aided in their constant endeavor by a modern laboratory with up-to-date instruments and facilities. At Pc, quality control is always regarded as the way of life.

Beyond the Indian pharmacopoeia, we have set our own quality standards according to the regulation of Indian herbal products.

What is GAP (Good Agriculture Practice)

GAP is the abbreviation of “Good Agriculture Practice of Medicinal plants which regulate the quality medicinal herbs. It regulates a whole set of controls at every stage of herbs development from the cological environment, to the culturing, raising, collection, storage, transporting, Packaging and quantitative administration.

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The raw herb material is formed through different growing and production stage, Different germ, ecological environmental technology, and different harvesting times and processing methods can all influence the herbs output and quality. So, that there are quite a lot of risks from buying herbs from different sources in the market.


We are always making an effort to give customers the best herbs and herbal extracts and now we are using the standards for our herbs before it reaches our processing facilities. We have a set of standards, which is highest of pharmacopoeia 2000, meeting European quality standard, Day by day herbal medicines are gaining popularity dae to their winder acceptability and as a result consumption of raw materials are also increasing.

Keeping in this mind, Our company started the cultivation under GAP of some of the medicinal plants required which are not available or where the quality of available material is not up to the standard. PC is also helping the local farmers by giving them appropriate and user friendly technology and a buy back agreement for the cultivated material.

All the instruments used for analysis work are being calibrated/validated periodically for desired accuracy and authentity.

Research And Development

The ability of plant compounds to influence human biochemistry is at the root of most traditional herbal medicine in all culture and more pharmaceutical research is now focused on the investigation of plant chemistry to identify new medicines.

Keeping with a professional company specialized in Indian herbal extracts and specific imported herbs, we have been growing and manufacturing herbal extracts from many years by absorbing the advantages of Indian technique, we have adapted R and D program to incorporate the latest advances in technology to insure that our products have the highest quality.