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Profile : Herbal Extracts

We at Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of herbal extracts and herbal powder from India. We supply a wide range of Indian herbs extracts and herbal powder.

Why Phyto Life Sciences P. Ltd (PC)

PC uses an advance pulverizing technology that preserves volatile herbal oils and active compounds and allows fine particle milling of hydroscpic and aromatic botanicals. Our in house lab with sophisticated instruments are used for star manufacturing process. One of our R&D sector always engaged in development of pharmacology of uncommon as well as common medicinal plants to ease for the pharma manufacturers.

The Visualization of sports always found more as compared to chromatographic indentity which ensurer our quality. Our most modernized drying technique has overcome the problem of microbial and heavy metal as well as foreign matters from the final product. Though hygroscopic nature of our end product, every parameters of storage have been considered in such manner. On the basis of standards specified, great care has spent for the collection of raw herbs species.

herbal extract manufacturer in india

Favorable Material

By selecting and maintaining our GAP plantation, we guarantee the utmost stability in the herb extracts, herbal powder and other herbal range we carry, the regions of origin, collection times and harvesting techniques.

Inherent Quality Assay

Analysis of active ingredient, pesticide residues and heavy metal contamination are the focus of our strict controls.

Whole Procedure Control

Our quality assurance system protects the whole manufacturing procedure, with the raw herb extracts and herbal powder, we apply different extraction methods to each herb according to physical and biochemical characteristics in our plant by using different kind of specific methods. Good documentation ensure every step of is traceable. Products are randomly chosen for periodical testing.

Quality Achievements

Though the standards prescribed by USFDA are extremely stringent and the toughest quality checks to meet, PC’s products find easy acceptance in the highly regulated world of nutrition and food supplement. Any facility that has received the seal of approval is held in high esteem and hence.


The team of professionals representing various fields of knowledge like medicinal and phyto chemistry, botany, pharmacology and traditional chemistry are aided in their constant endeavor by a modern laboratory with up-to-date instruments and facilities. Our in house lab with sophisticated instruments is used for manufacturing process. PC uses an advance pulverizing technology that preserves volatile herbal oils and active compounds and allows fine particle milling of hygroscopic and aromatic botanicals.